9 Guide Lines for the environment policy

We, the company WITELS-ALBERT Berlin, declare herewith that ecology and environmental protection are indispensable values of our business activities. We undertake, therefore, to work continuously at improving the standard of environmental protection in our factory beyond that laid down by the statutory environmental regulations in force.

  1. Resources, particularly energy, water and raw materials are to be used sparingly and pollution is to be minimized within a framework of economic efficiency. The environmental compatibility of our products and production is thus one of our priority corporate goals. Concrete goals are developed through our environment program.
  2. An active and open information policy vis-à-vis our employees, our business partners, government offices and the general public is a precondition for cooperating both inside and outside the company in a spirit of trust.
  3. All major processes and products, present and planned, are to be analyzed and assessed in respect of their environmental relevance.
  4. The prevention of pollution takes preference over its elimination.
  5. Each company employee plays a part in implementing our environmental policy. Everyone from trainee to managing director is expected therefore to contribute to the protection of the environment.
  6. We encourage our employees to think and act in an environmentally responsible manner, and we take steps to train our employees along these lines. We also lend our employees active support in implementing proposals for improving the standard of corporate environmental protection.
  7. By making suitable arrangements we are concerned for our business partners to adopt the same environment-related standards as our own.
  8. The guidelines for our environment policy are binding.
  9. These environment-related goals are implemented by means of a quality management system in accordance with DIN ISO EN 9001 and an environment management system in accordance with ISO 14001.