Human language uses abstract symbols to convey similar types of information. These abstract signs have different dimensions and limits depending on the culture and the context. The context of a word is important, because it influences human thought and the specific reference system. The word “dress” means one thing to a person making clothing and something else altogether to an assembler in an electronics factory who is installing power supply wiring in an orderly fashion. The differences are usually easy to recognize, but often enough misunderstandings arise which can have serious consequences. The misunderstandings occur because the persons taking part in the communications process wrongly assume that the other person means the same thing when he or she uses the same word. To avoid misunderstandings and manage the communications process for the purpose of facilitating the selection and use of our products, we provide a questionnaire which you can use to communicate with WITELS-ALBERT if you wish. Our knowledge database contains explanations of various terms. Different headings may be listed for terms which are used in different contexts.