11 Guide Lines for quality

  1. We want satisfied customers. Therefore, one of our first company goals is superior quality of our products.
  2. The standard for our quality is set by the customer.
  3. Our goal for quality always is "zero defaults" or "100% accurate".
  4. Our customers not only judge the quality of our products but also their on-time delivery.
  5. Inquiries, quotations, samples, complaints etc., are to be taken care of in a thorough and prompt manner. Commitments have to be kept without fail.
  6. Every employee of the company contributes to the realization of our quality goals. Therefore, faultless work is expected from the trainee to the president.
  7. Each task must be performed correctly from the very beginning.
  8. Not only the mistakes but also their causes have to be eliminated. Avoiding mistakes is more important than correcting them.
  9. We also expect the highest quality from our suppliers.
  10. Achievement of our quality goals not only requires constant self-supervision by the employees, but also their suggestions for improvement.
  11. Our quality guide lines are binding. Additional demands of our customers must be considered.