• decoiling
  • dynamic pulling off
  • dynamic spooling
  • dynamic unwinding
  • mobile reel
  • pay-off unit
  • pay-off
  • pulling off
  • rotatable reel
  • rotatable coil
  • static pulling off
  • torsional stress unrolling
  • unspooling
  • unwinding

Basically the methods used to unspool or unwind a material which is to be straightened break down into two categories: static or dynamic.

With the static method the spool or reel is not moved. Material is paid off in axial direction so that a helix or twist is created in each winding as it is removed, with negative consequences for the follow-up process.

With the dynamic method of pay-off the spool or reel is rotated around its axis, which may be arranged vertically or horizontally, enabling the material to be paid off without suffering any torsion.

Windings are at risk of slipping only in vertical unspooling or unreeling set-ups, particularly in intermittent processes. A horizontal pay-off may be more elaborate technically, but it is the better solution with a view to follow-up processing operations.